INQUIRE--Please use the CONTACT form to inquire about commissioned artwork.

CONSULTATION—I will respond to your inquire within 2-3 days and request a consultation date either through email or phone. Please be prepared to share your ideas for the painting.

PRICING & SCHEDULING—You will receive your price estimate and commission schedule via email. Once we agree to move forward, I will request two separate payments. The first will be a non-refundable security deposit of $100. This cost covers the consultation, materials, and time spent creating.

ROUGH DRAFT—This is where the creating begins! I will complete a small scale illustration of your painting and send 1- 2 photographs via email for you to review. This draft will give you an idea of the general composition and color arrangement for your larger original. 

THE CANVAS—Once you approve of the composition/color choices, I will begin your actual canvas. While I will use the thumbnail study to guide me, your original may not be an exact match. There is a spontaneity that goes into each piece that I create which gives your original it’s unique feel.

Once completed, official photos and detail shots will be emailed. After the painting has been approved, I will request the remaining costs for the commission and send your painting.


Commission FAQs


How long does it take to complete commissioned artwork?

Commissioned work (including all steps listed above) generally take between 4-10 weeks to complete.

What goes into pricing commissions?

When determining a price, these are the following factors that affect the total cost: consultation, time spent creating (depends mostly on complexity of design), and materials (size of canvas, type of paint etc.). 

What about shipping?

Shipping is included in the total cost of your painting. Any canvases equal or less than 20x24 will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Extra large canvases will be shipped via UPS Ground Shipping. Delivery time is 5-7 days.

How do I pay for my painting?

You will first purchase your security deposit here. The remaining cost of your painting will be personally invoiced.

Do you allow a payment plan?

Yes, I am more than willing to work out a payment plan. This will be outlined during our consultation.